Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Bird Flu Human Death Toll : 82 Dead, 151 Confirmed Infections

Dutch Farmers May Reject Bird Flu Vaccinations

The Destruction Of Chinese Wetlands Helps Spread Of Virus

World Health Organisation Denies It Is Hyping Threat Of Bird Flu Pandemic.

Tukey Outbreak Reveals Speed Of Bird Flu Containment :

"The outbreak in Turkey had also shown how fast national authorities, backed by international experts, can move in a health crisis....Within a day, samples had been taken from suspect cases and shipped to WHO laboratories in Britain. Results were available within 24 hours; 100,000 treatment courses of oseltamavir (Tamiflu) were available were available one day after the first cases were confirmed."

Tukey bird flu virus tests indicate mutation underway

"....the virus is trying different things to see if it can more easily infect humans. So far, we haven't seen that the virus has the ability to do this."

Two infants in Turkey have beaten their bird flu infection and are now recovering. More than a million birds have been destroyed during the outbreak, there were 21 confirmed infections and four deaths. Quick hospitalisation after symptoms first develop has aided in the recovery of the infected.

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