Sunday, February 19, 2006


A breathtaking sample of headlines from around the world from February 15, 16 and 17, 2006, showing the rapid spread of the avian influenza virus in both bird and human populations. A steady stream of bird deaths, human infections, fears of outbreaks, confusion and growing terror.

Reading through a selection of the hundreds of daily articles posted on bird flu spread, deaths and infections, it is impossible not to wonder if the World Health Organisation has already lost control of this virus.

Bird flu vaccine impossible until after pandemic appears reports UN

China Reports Eighth Flu Death; Says Dead Poultry Might Spread Virus

Two more suspected bird flu patients die in Indonesia

Millions of birds locked indoors as flu spreads in Europe

Hungary confirms bird flu outbreak

Denmark investigates nine dead swans

Norway on full alert following report of bird flu case on German island

Bird Flu Nears Sweden - EU Experts Warn of More Outbreaks

Germany probably had bird flu for months says minister

Bird flu pandemic would spark global downturn

EU holds crisis talks as bird flu spreads across Europe

Deadly Bird Flu Outbreak Confirmed in Russia’s Dagestan Republic

New Nigerian bird flu cases, panic selling blamed

Nigeria Didn't Make Bird Flu Cases Public For Up To 19 Days

Iran says swans in Caspian Sea died of bird flu

Massive chicken die-off in India, Government Denies Bird Flu

Iraqi health minister declares bird flu alert

More suspected cases of bird flu found in Germany

Discovery of dead ducks heightens bird flu fears in Belgium

Nigeria bird flu plan 'failing' warns UN

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