Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bird Flu Spreads Fast Across The Planet

The BAD News And The GOOD News

CAMBODIA : 3 Year Old Girl Dies From Bird Flu In Cambodia

CHINA : 11 Now Confirmed Dead From Bird

JORDAN : First Cases Of Bird Flu Found In Turkeys

BERLIN : First Human Case Of Bird Flu Reported

MEXICO : Authorities Deny Bird Flu Outbreak On US Border

RUSSIA : 7.5 Million Birds Now Vaccinated Against Bird Flu

SOUTHERN RUSSIA : Claims Bird Flu Outbreaks Contained

INDIA : More Cases Of Infected Bird, Culls Of 75,000 Birds Reported

SHANGHAI : Bird Flu Suspected As Cause Of Woman's Death

INDONESIA : Eight People Tested, Under Surveillance For Bird Flu Infection

GREECE : More Cases Of Bird Flu Infections Reported

ROMANIA : More Bird Flu Infections Confirmed

ALBANIA : More Bird Flu Cases In Poulty Confirmed

JORDAN VALLEY : Birds Died Of Avian Flu Claims

CANADA : Banks, Insurance Companies Now Planning For Pandemic

WALL STREET, NYC : Contigency Plans In Place For Bird Flu Outbreaks


SLOVENIA : First Poultry Infections Suspected

PALESTINE : Virus Spreads To Gaza Strip

PAKISTAN : 'Red Alert' Raised After UK Confirms Test Results

AFGHANISTAN : Poultry Cull Begins To Fight Spread Of Virus

UKRAINE : Claims Virus Spread Now Contained, Quarantines Lifted

UNITED STATES : Fearing Bird Flu Virus Migration, Defences Are Readied

UNITED STATES : Government Orders Schools To Prepare For Pandemic

AZERBAIJAN : Five Young People Confirmed As Infected With Virus

EGYPT : Four Human Infections Reported

PAKISTAN : First Outbreak Of Bird Flu Now Spreading

RUSSIA : General Bird Flu Situation Worsening, 1.3 Million Birds Culled In Past Three Months

POLAND : Virus Confirmed In Wild Swans

SWITZERLAND : Virus Found In Central Stockholm

DENMARK : More Wild Ducks Found Infected

CAMEROON : Bird Flu Has Now Crossed Border

MYNANMAR : Rumoured Outbreaks

UNITED STATES : Health Secretary Tells Americans Not To Rely On Government For Help

KAZAKHSTAN : Bird Flu Cases Confirmed

ISRAEL : Virus Confirmed Found In Two Locations

MALAYSIA (NORTH) : Virus Outbreak Detected

Sorry, not as much GOOD News as I thought there was going to be. But the BAD News headline alone was far too alarming, and hopefully unnecessarily so.

The above stories are a major round up from the past few weeks of bird flu related stories. It was compiled this way to give an indication of the monumental spread of the virus across the planet, a perspective not readily clear in daily updates of new outbreaks in different countries. A listing of countries infected, as above, are few and far between in the media.

The above stories have been listed in date order of the stories' appearances in the world's media, starting with the most recent stories at the top of the page.

(Links have been checked, but some do drop out due to regional sites access availability, apologies if dead links have not been removed or updated)

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