Sunday, April 30, 2006


The aivan influenza virus continues to spread throughout the world, infecting thousands of wild bird and poultry every week. Human infections and resulting deaths continue, with Indonesia and China the current major concerns for the World Health Organisation. The human mortality rate for bird flu is still over 50%.

RUSSIA : Human Bird Flu Vaccine Can Be Prepared In A Month After Pandemic-Ready Mutation Occurs

ISLAMABAD : 11 Farms Infected, 60,000+ Birds Slaughtered

CHINA: Denies Cover-Up Of Extent Of Bird Flu Cases, Confirms Eight Year Old Girl Infected

BALI : Ducks Test Positive For Avian Influenza

CZECH REPUBLIC : All Twelve Cases Of Infection Confirmed As Resulting From Dead Bird Flu Virus.

IVORY COAST : Bird Flu Discovered On Farms, Mass Poultry Slaughter To Begin

VIETNAM : Calls For $US400 Million To Continue Fight Against Bird Flu

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