Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Interesting story about how one American family has prepared for a bird flu pandemic by stocking up on essential food, water and energy alternates. With a fuel stove, fruit and vegetable plots, a milking cow and a big emergency stockpile, they won't need to rely on the government or on local food stores being open to stay alive if pandemic bird flu spreads across the US.

From the Jacksonville Star : "Most of Idaho only runs a backlog of about three days worth of food in their grocery stores, because we don't have any warehouses. If you don't have shipments backing that up, you could potentially have problems.

"The federal government has recommended that people keep a supply of water and extra food on hand in case of a pandemic. Mike Leavitt, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, said during a recent summit on pandemic flu that people should consider storing powdered milk and canned tuna fish under their beds, just in case.

"A pandemic could cripple the nation's transportation system, as the illness strikes drivers, pilots and train conductors. That means medications and food could be hard to come by."

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