Thursday, April 20, 2006


From the Scottish Daily Record : "An ordinary handwash costing just £2.99 can kill the bird flu virus in 30 seconds, tests have found.

"No-Germs, a simple hand spray, has been on sale over the counter for two years. But when the H5N1 avian flu outbreak gathered pace among birds, No-Germs owners decided to test it against the virus.

"The results, revealed yesterday, were remarkable - the handwash was more tha 99.8 per cent efficient in killing H5N1. The discovery has been heralded as a "major breakthrough" - particularly if the virus ever mutates into a human form.

"Eighty per cent of all common illnesses are spread by hand to mouth, nose and eye contact. Killing the H5N1 virus before it has a chance to enter the body is the key.

"On average, people touch their faces every five minutes and that is how germs spread."

If you can't get ahold of No-Germs, you can always use a mix of water and lemon juice. Citrus juices, and even honey, are some of the most powerful anti-bacterials ever disccovered.

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