Friday, January 26, 2007

A Storm Of Bird Flu Outbreaks Around The World

The EU reports its first outbreak of bird flu for the year, in Hungary.

A six year old girl has died from avian influenza in Java, Indonesia. Her neighbours reportedly had dead chickens in their yard.

Five people suspected of being infected with the bird flu virus have now been isolated in a hospital in South Sulawese province.

In the Phillipines, the government has issued a "nationwide" bird flu alert.

In Nigeria, bird flu has resurfaced in Kano, the scene of previous outbreaks and mass poultry cullings. There are now plans to cull more than 750,000 birds across Nigeria.

An outbreak of bird flu has been reported in Japan, after hundreds of chickens died at a poultry farm. Tens of thousands of poultry birds are expected to be culled.

In Thailand, 2000 bird suspected of being infected with bird flu have been culled. In less than two weeks, two outbreaks of the virus at poultry farms have been reported.

Millions of fowl were culled in Vietnam in 2004 to stop the virus spreading. And the program was deemed to be a success by the United Nations and the World Health Organisation. But now the virus has returned to Vietnam, and its spreading.

In South Korea, five outbreaks of the virus have been reported 100km from the capital Seoul. More than 275,000 poultry birds are set to be culled. More than 6000 pigs will also be culled.

In Japan, the US Military have expressed "concern" about new outbreaks of H5N1 which lead to the deaths and culling of more than 12,000 birds.

In the official US Military paper, 'Stars And Stripes', a senior medical officer for the military has issued a set of guidelines to American soldiers serving in Japan on how to avoid becoming infected.

The virus has been found to have mutated in Egypt.

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