Saturday, April 07, 2007

Indonesia's Bird Flu Body Count Grows Rapidly

Nine Confirmed Dead In Ten Days

News of bird flu deaths and infections is coming thick and fast at the moment, so go here for the latest updates from this blog.

The death toll from H5N1 in Indonesia is mounting, and compared to the pace of deaths in the archipelago last year, the past two weeks has seen a frightening increase. A rough comparison between reported infections and reported deaths sets the fatality rate for human bird flu infections in Indonesia at a stunning 75-80%.

Accurate details on how each person who died in Indonesia in the past month actually contracted the virus are few and far between in the media.

The official human death toll from the H5N1 virus for Indonesia now stands at 74.

On January 8, it was 57.

April 7 : A 29 year man who died on Thursday in Central Java was confirmed Saturday as being H5N1 positive.

April 6 : 16 year old girl dies in Jakarta, believed to have had contact with sick chicekns.

April 5 : 29 year man in Central Java dies.

April 4 : 23 year old woman dies.

March 29 : 14 year old boy in West Sumatra dies - 28 year old woman in Jakarta dies.

March 28 : 39 year old man dies in Surabaya.

March 27 : 15 year old boy in West Java dies - 22 year old woman in Sumatra dies.

March 20 : 21 year woman in East Java dies.

March 16 : 32 year old man dies in Jakarta.

March 12 : 20 year old woman dies in East Java.

Indonesia is an archipelago made up of literally thousands of islands. While Indonesia has won praise from the World Health Organisation and the United Nations for its efforts to stop the spread of bird flu, amongst human and avian populations, complete eradication of the virus is next to impossible.

In all likelihood, the human death toll from bird flu in Indonesia is likely to be far greater than 74.

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Anonymous said...

Bird flu, Anna Nicole Smith, Hillary/Barack, global warming, all distractions. As the mass media creates illusions, Big Brother clamps down by opening our mail, suspending habeas corpus, stealing private lands, banning books like "America Deceived" from Amazon,America Deceived (book) rigging elections, conducting warrantless wiretaps and starting wars based on blatant lies. Soon, the sinking of an Aircraft Carrier(by Mossad) will occur and the US will 'retaliate' against Iran. Which AIPAC-lobbying country benefit's from that? Bird flu will kill far less than more and more wars.

Simon Geefe said...


I would like to think that bird flu is just another distraction but I fear the ravages of the H5N1 far more than any other human-action event.

Such powerful viruses have devastated humanity time and time again. We can slow its spread and effects with drugs and quarantines but the virus will always win. They have been here before we came out of the oceans and they will be here long after the last human has breathed his last breath.

We are going to get hit with bird flu and it will kill hundreds of millions before its finished wiht us.

CoughCough said...

So how many have to die in a week in Indonesia before the WHO declares it a pandemic?

Anonymous said...

Let's see billions of dollars emptied from the US treasury (starting with the gold and cash from the WTC), global warming & climate change, bird flu ... now that the rich have the money, all hell can break lose. How about the chemtrail / nano-genetically engineering-robots being sprayed on populations? Maybe one of the chosen ones would share a place on the family ranch in Paraguay? See you in Argentina!

Surly Old Bastard said...

What's the big deal?

One billion people die from bird flu, most in Asia/South East Asia, poverty problem fixed and carbon greenhouse gases cut by more than 20% or 30%

Isn't this what everybody wants? Less poverty, less green house gases?

As W. says : "Bring it on!"