Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Worldwide Human Toll So Far

The World Health Organisation has released a compilation of human bird flu infections and fatalities, by region, since the H5N1 re-emerged in 2003.

The Indonesian toll, claims the WHO, has not been updated to include the most recent deaths, 11 in the past three weeks, because they remain "unconfirmed", although you will see stories listed below on this blog that detail WHO confirmation of at least eight human bird flu deaths in Indonesia in a recent ten day period.

From our own tally, the Indonesian toll actually stands today at 74 deaths, from just over 100 confirmed cases of infection.

The tally doesn't include infections and deaths in Egypt in the past three weeks, so consider this to be the WHO official toll for about mid-March, 2007.

Indonesia 63 (out of 81 cases)

Vietnam 42 (93)

Thailand 17 (25)

China 15 (24)

Egypt 13 (34)

Cambodia 7 (7)

Azerbaijan 5 (8)

Turkey 4 (12)

Laos 2 (2)

Iraq 2 (3)

Nigeria 1 (1)

Djibouti 0 (1)

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