Monday, June 04, 2007

More Bird Flu Deaths In Indonesia

Two More Children Die From H5N1

Indonesia is believed to have recorded its 80th human victim of avian influenza last Friday. The second death in the archipelago in three days.

From the Jakarta Post :
A child thought to have been infected with bird flu died Friday, a day after being admitted to hospital in Medan, North Sumatra, an official said Saturday.

The 11-year-old boy from Asahan regency passed away at Adam Malik hospital.

The hospital's deputy director, Nur Rasyid Lubis, said the child was treated for one day at a clinic in Indrapura district before being taken to the hospital after displaying symptoms similar to those of bird flu.

He said the victim was in poor health when he arrived at the hospital, giving the team of doctors little chance to save his life.

He said it is likely the boy died after being infected with the H5N1 virus. Aside from displaying the symptoms of bird flu, the victim also had contact with fowl.

From the Malaysia Star :

An Indonesian girl died of bird flu after coming into contact with an infected chicken, bringing the national death toll from the H5N1 virus to 79, a Health Ministry spokeswoman said Sunday.

The 15-year-old girl died Tuesday after being hospitalized for two days in the city of Semarang on central Java island, spokeswoman Lily Sulistyowati said.

The country's two official laboratories have confirmed the girl had the virus, she said.

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