Thursday, June 28, 2007

Outbreak Spreads Across Bangladesh

Bird was first detected in Bangladesh just outside of the capital, Dhaka, in March. Since then, the virus has spread into the northern districts of the country and led to multiple poultry farm closures and the culling of hundreds of thousands of birds. The virus now appears to be spreading west. Just under a quarter of all the districts of Bangladesh have now reported outbreaks of H5N1.

From Reuters :
Bird flu has spread to another district in Bangladesh forcing health and veterinary workers to cull 5,000 chickens, officials said on Wednesday.

The latest case was reported from a village in Thakurgaon district, 500 km (310 miles) northwest of the capital, Dhaka...

Sixteen out of Bangladesh's 64 districts have been affected by the virus, but there have been no reported cases of human infection. About four million Bangladeshis are directly or indirectly associated with poultry farming.

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