Friday, June 22, 2007

Vietnam Reports 2nd Human Bird Flu Death In 10 Days

Only ten days after Vietnam officially announced the death of a 20 year old man, killed by the H5N1 virus, comes the news that a 28 year old woman has now died in Hanoi. The virus killed her only ten days after she became infected.

These two victims are the first human bird flu casualties in Vietnam since November, 2004.

These two deaths brings the Vietnam total of human deaths from the virus to 44.

From France24 :
Since last month, five human cases of bird flu have been reported in Vietnam, two of whom have died. Two others who had contracted the virus have already been released from hospital.

Communist Vietnam, once the nation worst hit by avian influenza, contained earlier outbreaks through mass vaccination campaigns, the culling of millions of poultry, and public education campaigns.

But the virus has come back strongly this year, hitting scores of poultry farms in an unusual summer-time outbreak, especially in the densely populated northern Red River delta region in recent weeks.
Since May, the avian influenza virus has been found in 18 localities across Vietnam

Vietnam Tries To Combat Bird Flu Spread By Strengthening Vaccination Programs

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