Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Egypt : 25 Year Old Woman Infected With H5N1

The official number of human infections by the bird flu virus in Egypt has rise to 38 :

The woman, identified as Naema Abdo Gamil, 25, was admitted in a government hospital Saturday and has since been transferred to a hospital in Cairo, the Health Ministry said in a statement carried by the official news agency, MENA.

She was in stable condition Sunday, said health ministry spokesman Abdul Rahman.

Gamil contracted the lethal H5N1 virus after coming into contact with dead chicken in the Mediterranean province of Damietta, about 175 kilometers (108 miles) northeast of Cairo.

Most of the fatalities have been women or girls whose families raise poultry in backyards and who had daily contact with chickens or turkeys.

The human mortality rate in Egypt for the bird flu virus is around 46%. Officially, 15 people have died of the virus in Egypt, but the total number of fatalities may be higher, due to the widespread contact with poultry in crowded markets.

The World Health Organisation's official world death toll stands at 191 people since early 2003.

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