Saturday, October 27, 2007

Indonesia : 4 Year Old Girl Dies From H5N1, Brother Shows Symptoms

Her parents thought she just had the flu, and gave her cold medications and treated her at home for a week before they tried to have her seen doctors at two medical clinics in Tangerang. Both medical clinics refused to admit the child. In total, she ran a fever for ten days. She was finally admitted to a hospital in East Jakarta where the four year old died on Monday.

From the Jakarta Post :
The child's parents were told that Sari Asih military hospital, about 500 meters away, had better facilities and to take her there.

"I took her to Kesdam Hospital but they said they couldn't treat her because there was no doctor on duty. They told us to take her to Sari Asih Hospital," said Zainal, a factory worker.

He said a doctor who examined his daughter at Sari Asih initially said she had dengue fever but later changed his mind, noting acute respiratory problems.

"The Sari Asih doctor sent my daughter to Persahabatan Hospital but she could no longer hang on."

Hani Hariyanto said that people from the village had recently acknowledged that sudden poultry deaths had occurred in the past, long before the girl fell ill, however. He said officials had been sent to carry out health education in the village. "Too bad, the villagers did not inform us earlier."

(Her) brother has flu symptoms and has been given Tamiflu..

The Tangerang regency has recorded six human bird flu deaths since January.

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