Saturday, December 01, 2007

England : Poultry Farm H5N1 Outbreaks Now Contained

Just another bizarre bird flu virus outbreak, with no apparent source for the initial infections :
An investigation by Defra into the latest outbreaks of the highly-pathogenic strain of bird flu on the Norfolk and Suffolk border have shown that the virus has been contained, an official report has concluded today.

Defra's initial epidemiology report into the H5N1 avian influenza outbreak at Park Farm, Redgrave, concludes that the outbreak has has been contained on the first farm.

It notes that the most likely explanation for the secondary case at Hill Meadow Farm, Knettishall, was a result of transmission by vehicles, people or other things between the sites.

Defra's investigation has been unable, at this stage, to identify categorically the source of the outbreak. “No evidence has so far been found to indicate introduction via infected poultry or poultry products or vehicles/people transporting them, from countries which have undisclosed infection in their domestic turkey, geese and duck population.”

While wild birds cannot be ruled out as a source of infection, no evidence of H5N1 infection has been found in the local wild bird population.

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