Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fallout : Christmas Turkeys In UK Cost $200!

For the Brits, an organic turkey for Christmas dinner has become the luxury food of the season. The price of Christmas birds in the UK have soared by more than 38% in a matter of weeks, following bird flu outbreaks and mass cullings on organic poultry farms.

Some 200,000 poultry birds were culled in the UK after the recent outbreak, and added costs of raising poultry have come from the huge rise in the costs of feed, after wheat prices reached record highs.

Although paying more than £100 ($205) for a single turkey may seem outrageous, organic turkey suppliers have sold out, and are still fielding calls for more orders.

And turkey prices may climb even higher, according to Poultry World.
Sales of organic turkeys will jump 46%, the British Retail Consortium predicts. That compares with a 7% increase the industry group forecasts for total turkey sales.
As the bird flu virus continues to spread, and with tens of millions of poultry birds every few months to stop outbreaks from spreading, higher organic poultry rices are expected to become the norm for near future.

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