Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pakistan : H5N1 Kills One, Six Infected

Reuters is now reporting that there is only one person dead from the H5N1 virus in Islamabad, and not the two brothers as previously reported. The two brothers don't even get a mention in this report :
Pakistan has recorded its first human death from bird flu and six other people have been infected with the deadly H5N1 virus over the last two months, a senior Health Ministry official said on Saturday.

"Seven in total. One died and six other people were infected with the H5N1 virus," Federal Health Secretary Khushnood Akhtar Lashari told Reuters. "It was confirmed by blood tests."

The cases were reported in the North West Frontier Province, Lashari said.

Two people have recovered and four are in quarantine.

While Pakistan has registered cases of bird flu in poultry this is the first time it has been reported in humans, Lashari said. The first poultry case appeared in early 2006.

There is a number of confusing, conflicting reports coming out of Pakistan about how many have died, how long ago the first human death actually occurred, and how many are now in quarantine.

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