Monday, March 16, 2009

Hong Kong Preparing For Bird Flu Pandemic Outbreak?

A Rense reader notes that warnings and signs of preparations to stop the spread of bird flu are all over Hong Kong right now, including electronic billboards, disinfectant and hand cleaners for the public in hotels, elevator buttons covered in plastic and cameras that can detect human fever at seaports and airports.

Carcasses of chickens from bird flu-infected poultry farms outside Hong Kong have reportedly been showing up in the city's waters.


Electronic Medical Records said...

Preparation is necessary by every single country so that no lives are in danger.

Anonymous said...

The only way to stop bird flu et al indefinitely is to address the problem at source and never let it happen in the first place. It is the only way -
Otherwise it will one day come back with a vengeance and wipe out a quarter of humanity. The Spanish Flu that killed up to 100 million will be then be seen as the minor event in the world’s history of global pandemics

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This is scary every time it starts and I guess it is never a clean clear it when the infection spreads.There is a necessity of culling as many birds as infected...which most businessmen don't do o save some money and land up in bigger trouble.